Artist Statement

We are all too common, too normal. Look down at the clothes you consciously picked out to wear today, examine the inherit qualities of the clothing. 

The need for society to constantly observe and normalize differences has become engrained in our minds. Conforming to cultural norms applies to more than just our clothes - it's the tone of your voice as you say 'hello' to your friends, the way you cross your legs when you sit, the skill to change a tire, the pop song you listened to in the car. I frequently find myself observing everyone's obsessive nature to mold their image. It's repulsive and intriguing, how these normal qualities distinguish differences of others and how they ultimately create discrimination. 

My work focuses primarily on self-portraitature, examining  my own femininity and masculinity and how these traits interact with each other. The social normalities that I speak about infer a direction and act as an inspiration for my process.